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Meet The Team


 George - Station Manager

Name: George
Nationality: Bulgarian
From: Plovdiv
Speaks:English, Bulgarian, Russia
Kiteboarder since: 2004

As Head instructor having 8 years of experience in kiting makes my teaching techniques simple but effective. I have been kiting in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, United States and Hawaii. .

Travelling around the world has given me the chance to try out different methods of teaching and simplifying them for a faster progression.

I’ve worked at Rhodos AirRiders for the past 5 years and am planning to stick with the team for the foreseeable future.

I like all the styles but my favourite is unhooked kite loops!

  Dora - Office Manager

Name: Dora
Nationality: Greece
From: Rhodes
Kiteboarder since: 2008

I grew up on the island of Rhodes in Greece.My father owns two water sport centres so I have been involved in water sports all my life. I have been Windsurfing from a very young age and the last few years have spent most of my time on the water kitesurfing. Freestyle moves and old school tricks are my preference.

During the winter season I spend my time snowboarding and skiing in Bulgaria but feel so much more at home riding the waves. My summer seasons are spent working at Air Riders in Rhodes -THE BEST PLACE TO BE!

I love my job and enjoy meeting new kiters who share my passion for the sport.

 Mike - Instructor

Name: Michal
Nationality: Slovak
From: Bratislava
Kiteboarder since: 2005

I learned to kite board in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2005. In 2006 I came to Greece and joined the Rhodos Air Riders team and since then I have worked almost every year here as a kite instructor.

I love all styles of kiting, new school, old school, waves and freestyle. You won’t see me doing crazy tricks, but I'm a great teacher and after 6 years of teaching the sport , I have found answers to almost every beginners questions.

I have been kiting in Greece, Austria, Croatia, Canaries, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Zanzibar.

 Mat - Instructor

Name: Mat
Speaks:English, Russian, Bulgarian
Kiteboarder since: 2002

I started kite surfing 10 years ago in the Black sea of Bulgaria. After my first experience I decided to teach the sport in combination with my knowledge of Russian.

Rhodes has been my summer destination for the past 5 years, all of which I have worked as an instructor. During high season I exclusively worked with Russian speaking students due to my fluent Russian.

Being a part of AirRiders team makes my summers exciting and full-filling as I have the time to both teach people the sport and advance my skills in kiting.

Jonas - Instructor

Name: Jonas
Nationality: Belgium
From: Nieuwmunster
Speaks:English,Dutch,German, French
Kiteboarder since: 2008

After my graduation in P.E. in 2010, I've been switching between kitesurfing in the summer and skiing/snowboarding in the winter. I've taught kitesurfing in both Belgium and in Greece. In the winter I've been spending time in France and Switzerland.

My preference goes to freeriding and freestyle.

Safety on the water is very important to me but this doesn't mean that we can't have fun! Kitesurfing should be a relaxed sport, to enjoy both on the water and from the shore!

 Lina - PR

Name: Lina
Nationality: Lithuania
From: Mazeikiai
Kiteboarder since: 2010

After graduating from University in Business Management, I accidentally passed by a kite spot and fell in love with this sport at first sight.

The passion for kiting brought me to Greece where I learned my first back- and front-rolls! :) Now I 'm studying for Masters of Sport Management in the German Sport University Cologne and enjoy combining my academical background with kiting.

I would encourage girls to do it -as it's a lot of fun! Within Air-Riders team I help the instructors with lessons as well as communicating with the customers on the beach...and I just love it!

 Jonathan - Instructor

Name: Jonathan
Nationality: British>
From: North East
Kiteboarder since: 2002

Having been involved in water sports and sailing/windsurfing nearly all my life I have focussed on kite surfing for the last 10 years. After leaving a career within offshore and marine engineering 3yrs ago,I've travelled extensively kitesurfing all over the world teaching along the way..

Have been wave riding strapless surf boards for the last 3 yrs which just adds another dimension to kite boarding.

I just love teaching and get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a beaming smile on a students face after a 9hr training session.

Having seen kitesurfing develop over the last 10 yrs-Safety is paramount so I always stick to the rules of the beach and the water but also like to make sure its fun along the way.

I would like to think that students get 150% out of my style of teaching and am always very patient and willing to help where ever necessary so the students develop the skills required to continue kiteboarding safely on their own.

Maarten  - Instructor

Name: Maarten
Nationality: Belgian.
Languages: French, Dutch, English.

I’ve worked in Egypt and Greece as an IKO qualified kitesurfing instructor. I think I have an aptitude for teaching and get great satisfaction from watching my students progress in the sport.

 Joanna - Instructor

Name: Joanna
Languages: Russian, English, Greek.

I am a professional skier and my true love is Alaska! But the rest of the year I like to kite and spend the warm, summer days on the beach. I’ve been kiting since 2009.

 Nikos - Instructor

Name: Nikos
Nationality: Greek
Languages: Greek, English, French.

I spend my winters on the ski slopes as a ski instructor but got into kitesurfing and joined the team at Rhodos Air Riders this year.

Petros - Instructor

Name: Petros
Nationality: Greek
Languages: Greek, Dutch, English. 

As a native of Rhodes  I’ve been involved in watersports such as scuba diving, waterskiing and wakeboarding from a young age. I was introduced to kitesurfing at Air Riders and spent my summers there progressing in the sport. I’ve since become part of the Air Riders Team and am living the dream.


Nasko - Instructor

Name: Nasko
Languages: German, English.

I love the summer months, hanging out in warm places living in my board shorts! I’ve been kiting for many years since the sport first evolved. In the winter I change over to snowboarding.


Bobby - Instructor

Name: Bobby
Languages: English, Russian.

Graduated from the National Sport Academy and am a professional snowboard coach during the winter. In the summer I love to get on the water wake-boarding and kitesurfing