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Meet The Team


 George - Station Manager

Name: George
Nationality: Bulgarian
From: Plovdiv
Speaks:English, Bulgarian, Russia
Kiteboarder since: 2004

As Head instructor having 8 years of experience in kiting makes my teaching techniques simple but effective. I have been kiting in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, United States and Hawaii. .

Travelling around the world has given me the chance to try out different methods of teaching and simplifying them for a faster progression.

I’ve worked at Rhodos AirRiders for the past 6 years and am planning to stick with the team for the foreseeable future.

I like all the styles but my favourite is unhooked kite loops!

  Dora - Office Manager

Name: Dora
Nationality: Greece
From: Rhodes
Kiteboarder since: 2008

I grew up on the island of Rhodes in Greece.My father owns two water sport centres so I have been involved in water sports all my life. I have been Windsurfing from a very young age and the last few years have spent most of my time on the water kitesurfing. Freestyle moves and old school tricks are my preference.

During the winter season I spend my time snowboarding and skiing in Bulgaria but feel so much more at home riding the waves. My summer seasons are spent working at Air Riders in Rhodes -THE BEST PLACE TO BE!

I love my job and enjoy meeting new kiters who share my passion for the sport.


Our instructors are qualified kiters, speaking several languages and sharing our passion for kiteboarding

 Joanna Petros Bobby


Tosho Egle Dani


Vadim Julia  
Beach Hands    
Alex Santiago