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Kitesurfing - Kiteboarding
in Rhodes (Rodos in Greek)


Kiteboarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world, and for good reason.  The freedom of jumping 10, 20, 30ft off the water, without the necessity of a wave for a ramp, means that people can go home to a lake and still fly through the air.

Take a kitesurfing course in Kremasti bay - an ideally quiet beach on the west coast, offering empty waters and a long, clear shore-line, making learning to kite fun and easy without the hassle of swimmers.
Take a course or rent equipment with the help of our staff for launching and landing, using the latest hi-tech equipment from North.

Our team of professional instructors are always there to assist with the aid of jet-bikes in the water
Learning kitesurfing is easy in small groups of 4-6 people per instructor for practicing theory on the beach and of 2-4 people per instructor for training in the water.
The first stage is taught on the beach with the helix Training kite. With the latest teaching methods you will master the body drag, waterstart, riding and steering the kite.

Air Riders Rhodes from Stoked Pictures on Vimeo.



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